Eco-friendly Partners

Nick Michaelson of Silver Fox published the following on their website - :-

Today on the exact day of the globally critical climate report unveiled in South Korea. Silver Fox UK’s leading label developer and manufacturer became carbon neutral.  This position is a result of many years evolution whereby silver fox have systematically moved to control and manage their carbon emissions. From energy efficient boilers to improved building insulation. From LED lighting to green energy solar panels. And it is the latter panels installed by J Brand a few years back that have helped us generate  approaching 26 000 KW. These have formed the backbone of the Silver Fox green initiative. It is very  likely that Silver Fox is the only Hertfordshire based SME Manufacturer that is carbon neutral. That makes us the very first in Hertfordshire and all backed up by – Yes, you guessed ! J Brand.

Silver Fox are a leading UK developer and manufacturer of labelling solutions for the data/telecom, commercial and industrial sectors.  You may have heard of the “Fox-in-a-Box” which is their starter labelling kit, or their “Fox-Flo”  LS0H  and UV stable tie-on cable labels.